Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holiday Titles: Writer or Reader?

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At this time of year, cyber shelves come alive with various holiday titles. In romance (when I speak of romance here on my site, I’m speaking of all types of romances), the Holiday Season seems to be a theme. I see authors talking on social media about writing Christmas stories, or they have something coming out mid-December that involves both Christmas and New Year’s... New releases during the Holiday Season reminds me of the Hallmark Channel, lol. And hey, if you’ve never really watched any of the wintry season movies on Hallmark this time of year, don’t knock it just yet. It offers some really awesome holiday movies!

I’m not a “bah, humbug” person, but I’ve never been one to go “whole hog” for Christmas, nor have I really seen the appeal of writing Christmas stories if an author does so from a money-making point of view. I have two relatively recent Christmas titles. Whips & Chains & Candy Canes transformed from an old men’s magazine short story I wrote eons ago for Gent into an erotic holiday novella full of humor. Actually, it was a lot of fun to write. The other one, Wrapped Around Your Handlebars, is an m/m title that arose (Hey, I
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heard that! Get your mind out of the gutter, sheesh) from a submission call that piqued my interest. Both titles sell fairly well. However, from a business perspective, the problem is the narrow window of time for sales. Thus the reason for Christmas in July book sales.

Regardless, whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, readers begin searching for Christmas titles. Perhaps readers use them to get in the mood for the holidays. Maybe it’s simply because they enjoy Christmas in every venue? One faithful reader of mine loves Whips & Chains & Candy Canes and has reread is many times, so possibly readers simply enjoy the blend of romance with Christmas.

eBook and Print
One thing I would like to remind not only the writers out there but the avid readers—books make great gifts. Call this a shameless plug if you will, but there is something special about a good book that an Xbox One, the latest and greatest cell phone app, nor the most expensive computer designed for gaming can provide. It’s an escape to another world without wires or plonking down $60 plus dollars for the latest game. Oh, sure. I hear it now. “But I get so wrapped up in my online gaming that I don’t realize I’m not IN that world with my fellow gamers!” Ask any avid reader—it’s not the same thing, dude.

Whether you’re loading your significant other’s e-reader with new e-books or looking for print editions of favorite and new authors, books keep the mind sharp, the imagination primed, and also give one a vacation that many of us can’t afford.

With that said, here’s the actual shameless plug, lmao! Nightshade’s Flame is now available in print format, so if you’re a diehard print lover or know someone who is, book one of The Werewolves of Rebellion is a lovely book…uhm…a very H.O.T. book, so you might not want to read it if you’re hoping for snow any time soon. 😉

So, dear readers, tell me: are you a fan of Christmas books, yes or no, and why or why not?

Until next time, here’s to many fun, happy days Christmas shopping and decorating for the holidays!

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