Thursday, November 24, 2016

Waves to the Crowd...

*Waves to the crowd and wishes everyone a lovely Thanksgiving or just a great rest of the week if you don't celebrate Turkey Day.*
It has been a long, long time since I’ve been a regular blogger. Necessity has forced me to create my own author site. Sure, I’ve used a template (because I am a clueless dolt when it comes to html beyond the very, very basic stuff and even then I still need to refer to my pitiful little guide), but I’ve made the template my own and I’m happy with the results. Once upon a time I had a blog called Dreams of the Big Red Lion and I was also a partner with the blog Four Strong Women, but as more and more was thrown at me to manage from a big family to writing to working a day job, serious health issues, and more, I let the sites go due to time constraints.

Now, I’m back in college as a history major—enjoying it immensely!—and I’ve resigned from my day job, freeing up a huge chunk of time each day, so when the homework is done, I write, write, write, and write even more. Now, part of that writing will be blog posts. I’m not sure how often I’ll blog, but I do plan on posting at least one entertaining (look out, I have a warped sense of humor!) or informative post on writing/publishing, what I’ve read that has impressed me, or whatever I feel will make for good reading on my site. If I do read a title or short and talk about it here, I don't write typical reviews. I merely discuss the book and why I liked it. I will never write a bad post about a poor book or story that I’ve read. My mama always told me that if I don’t have anything good to say to just keep my mouth shut. Besides, any writer out there knows what a crushing blow it is to read anything bad about his or her work, even if it’s just a quick comment that reflects poorly on the material. I just don’t do that, because I know how it feels, especially when I was a new writer just starting to see my material published. Constructive criticism is one thing (and there are some who can't even handle that), but bashing someone's writing out of pure ol' meanness should be punishable by  ten million bee stings right on the ass.

For now, I hope you’ll look around at my book backlist, my 'about' page, and my new/current release page. I’m extremely excited by the recent release of my new title, Nightshade’s Flame Book One The Werewolves of Rebellion (you can read chapter one through the first few paragraphs of chapter three by clicking on the cover at the link). There is already a lovely 5-star review posted on its page that made my entire month, 💓 lol. If you like motorcycle club books, erotic romance, and paranormal things, I think you’ll really enjoy this new book. The second title, The Devil’s Russian Beauty is in edits. The third that I’m currently writing is called Persephone’s Beastly Lover. All three are contracted with Riverdale Avenue Books. As you look around my author site, whether covers or a caption, everything is now linked to a page with more information about each title or series. Regardless of what I post here, grab a drink and relax as you read. Please bookmark my site or sign up for delivery of new posts (I’m still looking into setting that up on the site). Also, leave me comments. I love talking with my readers!

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