Friday, December 9, 2016

Maybe It's Time to Turn the Tables!

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The other day, some dude cold-called me about donating to a charity that helps policemen get aid they can’t afford when wounded on the job and so on. I’ve heard of this for military men, having gotten many such calls in this area for donations or buying Christmas bulbs where the money goes to the soldiers via these organizations, but this was the first time I’ve received a cold call for the guys in blue. I was a bit suspicious since there is an epidemic in my neck of the woods of out-of-the-blue phone calls, asking for donations to charities that don’t exist, collections agencies stating that one has an outstanding bill that needs paid immediately, and ones that swear you’ve won a lottery if you only send x amount to process the fees… So, little warning bells were clanging in my head making a terrible echo effect. 😜

What ticked me off about this phone call was that this caller spoke to me as though I had no choice in whether or not I was gonna donate money, as if he knew without a doubt I’d hand over our hard-earned cash.


I didn't feel particular catty that day, so I simply said, “I’m sorry but my husband has been out of work and has been on this new job only a short time, plus it’s Christmas, so there are no extra funds right now.”

To which he replied: “But it’s only $20, so I know you will—”

Click. Hung up on his demanding ass.

I get that these types of jobs where the employee must ask for money are tough. I worked for a company years ago that cold-called people. I lasted a whole three hours then walked out. I know those jobs are high stress, that high-stress jobs take a toll on people who have a quota to meet or a rigid time frame in which to perform the job. But to talk to people as though they have no choice about whether or not they're gonna donate money, money they bust their butts to earn every week? Nuh-uh. That’s low.

I did have the overwhelming urge to turn the tables on this caller and demand that the guy should buy one of my books, see what sort of response I got from him on the counter offensive. Seriously, if he’s representing a cop charity, he’d probably enjoy Nightshade’s Flame, right? *snort* But I wasn’t in the mood to mess with him, so I hung up…this time. Mwahaha!

Hey, don't worry. I was a good girl. I know Santa is watching. 😉


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