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Only One

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As I mention in my bio on the site, I’ve returned to college full time. A few years ago, I was attending Wheeling Jesuit University to achieve an English major to back up the lengthy background I have in writing, publishing, and editing, and taking history as a minor. Life interrupted on a major level, so I had to postpone my education. I had another child, too, my last one, but between my husband’s health emergency then, four years later, discovering that I have some serious health issues, the last twelve years have been rough. I’m not whining, just stating facts. It is what it is.
After my health diagnosis of diabetes, which had been left untreated for about ten years, and severe anemia, then being put on medication and a change of diet, I’m now able to think clearly. Honestly, I have huge blank spots in my memory during that decade—holy cow, a decade! But the constant, raging pain I suffered is now gone, thank God, and I feel better than I have in a long, long time. Twelve years later, I have resigned from a high-stress job, am back to writing every chance I get, and I have returned to college. However, the publishing scene has changed so drastically that I decided to pursue history as my major instead.
Having a history degree opens so many doors of opportunity, plus I can use history as a background for my novels. I have to say, though, that I found myself in unfamiliar territory. School full time during the day is nothing like night classes at WJU. At first, I felt very unsure of myself because I’m a non-traditional student, but now that I have one full semester behind me with a 3.666 GPA, I’m ready for the next semester and determined to achieve a 4.0 just to say that I have. Well, that is until I have to take a math class, LOL.
I knew something was wrong over the last few years, knew that I shouldn’t ache the way I did, even going to the doctor about it to be told I had the onset of fibromyalgia. Diabetes was something I never dreamed I’d have. I’m 5’9”, slim, always active, but since my grandmother and mother have the disease, guess who else got it too? Another thing that this disease did was give me a dark mood that I struggled to overcome. Depression was debilitating at times. Since being on my meds and changing my diet, the depression is gone, the pain is gone, and it’s so nice to be able to actually think and create again. I’ve enjoyed school so much. One thing about being a non-traditional student is that I have an appreciation for learning, enjoy the classes and materials, and it gives me an opportunity to get away from home on a regular basis.
Having this disease is tough, though. When you hear “Oh, it’s a manageable ailment” that’s true, but unless you have diabetes or are very close to someone who has it, one has no idea what it’s like to not be able to eat much, nor the struggle of the body wanting that high sugar level it has grown accustomed to keeping. I’ve dropped so much weight that I’ve now bought three wardrobes. And each person’s body is different too. If I eat an apple, for me it’s as bad as eating a slice of fudge cake. Yet I can eat most berries with little effect on my sugar level. Bread is a huge no-no, therefore pasta is too, both of which I love and now can only have tiny portions, if that. When I went on my medication, I thought, at times, I was going to die. The side effects and the changes in my body had me so ill for the first month that there were times I could barely hold my head up. The last six months have been a huge transformation, that’s for sure.
Take care of your bodies, dear readers. You have only one. And if you feel that something is wrong, go see your doctor. Don’t put it off. Also, don’t let you doctor brush aside your concerns. My family means the world to me and I want to be here for them. Remember that there’s someone who loves you.
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So, now that I’m on winter break, I’ve been working on book 3 of The Werewolves of Rebellion. I’ve sent my agent a proposal for a non-fiction ms, and I will be revising my big paranormal romance novel and hopefully have it sent to my agent before I return to school in January. Oh, and Christmas cards. I’ve been writing out many of those. *Note to self: must mail them by Friday at the latest.*
All that aside, I have a favor to ask. Those of you who read Nightshade’s Flame (book 1), would you please leave a review at And for those of you who might consider the book, you can click on the free preview to the left there and get a nice introduction to the novel to see if you would like to read more. Objective, constructive reviews are difficult for an author to obtain, so I appreciate the efforts of those of you who read and review my novel. Much love and a hearty *Merry Christmas!* to you all!

Links for those who don’t buy from Amazon but if you prefer print, Amazon is the only distributor who has the hard copy.

Sons of Anarchy meets True Blood in Ana Lee Kennedy’s Nightshade’s Flame, the first novel in The
Werewolves of Rebellion series.

Bernadette Kelly’s talent for writing true crime books has led her to Rebellion, a town with a sinister secret. Researching the Wraithkillers, a one-percenter motorcycle club that has entered a delicate truce with the Werewolves of Rebellion, she’s determined to show readers the truth about MCs. However, when she falls for the president of the Werewolves of Rebellion, Frank Nightshade, she’s discovers the harsh truth about him and his clan, plunging her into a supernatural world of myths.

Frank meets Bernadette, a gorgeous redhead with a bombshell body and intellect to match, and takes her off the Wraithkillers’ hands. He wonders how in the hell he’s going to hide the truth from her about his people. When the River Rebels move into Frank’s territory, his people are faced with a Claiming and Maiming, a violent ritual that hasn’t been done for decades. The River Rebels’ president wants Bernadette, and he’s even willing to use a psychotic killer to help him get her.

Frank’s clan must defeat the River Rebels, while still keeping their secret, but in doing so, Frank wonders if this will cost him the only woman he’s ever loved?

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