Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Release! The Devil's Russian Beauty

Book 2 of The Werewolves of Rebellion.

Magic springs from unexpected sources.

In the second novel of The Werewolves of Rebellion series, Phillip Andrews, second-in-command of the Werewolves of Rebellion, bumps into Daffodil, a leggy blond, and falls hard for her. There’s only one problem—she’s the River Rebel’s branded property.

But Daffodil has even worse problems and finds herself in a dangerous, abusive sexual game with Ezra Smith, acting president of the River Rebels. Upon meeting Phillip, Daffodil can’t get him out of her mind. He gives her hope and strength, things no man has ever inspired in her before. If she tries to leave the River Rebels, Ezra will surely find her and murder Phillip. And when she foils one of Ezra’s human-trafficking shipments, Daffodil is forced to escape the MC and go into hiding in Phillip’s arms.

As Halloween approaches, the Werewolves of Rebellion are faced with bizarre deaths in their MC. Men are found drained of everything, leaving only mummified husks behind. Demon-women tantalize dreams and frighten everyone in the MC. Bernadette, mate to club president Frank Nightshade, is now an apprentice witch, but although she keeps trying to protect the MC and Frank’s clan from evil, now she must save Phil and his new woman, Daffodil, too.

The only way that Phil and Daffodil can be together is to vanquish the demons, but in doing so, how many will lose their lives, and will it be worth it for their love?

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