Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daffi and Phil of Book Two

As I near the end of writing book 3 of The Werewolves of Rebellion, I’ve been thinking about some of the reviews book 2, The Devil’s Russian Beauty, has received. Honestly, fiction is subjective, so I seldom get my feathers ruffled by a mediocre or bad review (unless it’s obvious someone is deliberately being mean). Where I love a book, someone else might not and vice versa. Some readers love one author regardless of what he or she might write; whereas another reader might be more objective and feel that the author is lacking in one area but excels in another. See? Subjective.

However, in The Devil’s Russian Beauty, my heroine, Daffodil, is a sweetbutt who has been excessively abused. She’s sold from one MC to another and lands in a really scary situation with Ezra as the River Rebels’ “temporary” president. There’s only one problem—Ezra is not human. He’s a creature—I’m not going to spoil it for those who haven’t read the book—that thrives on sex. For Ezra, sex is a power and energy high, the way he amps up his own powers, and he’s especially “fond” of Daffodil whom he abuses every chance he gets. In fact, as I wrote a couple of the sex scenes between Ezra and Daffodil, the content weirded me out a little. Daffi feels trapped, and sex with Ezra is physically destroying her.
Now in walks Phil, the hero of book 2. Daffi falls for Phil. He pays attention to her, not how she looks (although he loves his lovely, leggy blonde) or what she can do for him sexually should he demand it, it’s about her, who she is. Book 2 centers on an inner strength that we all don’t realize we possess until we need to draw from it. Now, reviews so far have applauded the book except for one thing—the lack of sex between Phil and Daffi. There are erotic scenes, but the focus of this book is inner strength and how meeting the right person can help amplify that strength, and the other half of the focus is how love can conquer all. Phil and Daffi are special to me because they defeat the odds that were against them—they defeat evil through their love.
But the lack of sex between them, you say? Again, there are erotic interactions between Phil and Daffi, but here’s the thing—Daffi is sexually abused, so is it logical for a sexually abused woman—and I’m talking by a paranormal creature of sex—to want to jump into the sack with a new man every chance she gets? On one side, it would seem logical to Daffi if her self-esteem is at rock bottom. It would be a way she might feel needed. However, in this case, she knows that Phil doesn’t want to force anything physical on her because she has something she has never had before.
Respect. Especially respect from a man.
Now book 3, OMG sex, sex, sex… You’ll see why once you read it, lol.
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