Monday, February 27, 2017

Rebellion, Home of the Werewolves' MC

Most readers aren't aware that Rebellion is a real location. I just changed the name to use in my books. Rebellion is the home base of The Werewolves of Rebellion Motorcycle Club. It’s a small town, but since the bikers are lycanthropes, they stay in a rural-like region to prevent any problems from arising, especially when they want to hunt. What most readers don’t know, however, is that Rebellion is actually my hometown of Woodsfield, Ohio. Landmarks are used in my novels, actual town names, too, and even the history of the area. Founded in 1814, Woodsfield has a lot of wonderful history.

SE Ohio is a beautiful region set in the Appalachian foothills. I could have based the series in Pittsburgh or on the opposite side of the map in Washington State, but one hard and fast rule in writing is “write what you know” (otherwise, you have to do tons of research to be accurate).

In The Werewolves of Rebellion, you’ll find little villages and towns such as Laings, Sardis, Barnesville, Graysville, and even the bigger places such as St. Clairsville and Wheeling mentioned. The Ohio River runs through the area, dividing Ohio and West Virginia where so many of the industrial plants lie. I’m even thinking of making a page for my website that will have photos of some of the landmarks, such as Foraker Covered Bridge, just something for readers to view out of curiosity and can use as references as my books are read.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a werewolf in one of the photos? LOL. Join me in The Werewolves of Rebellion. Nightshade's Flame is book 1 and you can get a great preview  of the novel there to your left. The Devil's Russian Beauty is book 2. Coming soon—Persephone’s Beastly Lover, book 3. The books are available at many various distributors and you can learn more on my new releases page.

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