Friday, March 10, 2017

An Innocent-Looking Poison

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the halfway point of March 2017. I’m in my second semester of college as a history major (after two semesters part time at a different college) and looking forward to it being over as this semester isn’t as engaging as the first one. Frankly, I’m quite bored.

I’ve run into problems, too, as I’m a diabetic recently diagnosed last June. Apparently I’m sensitive to all bodily changes as well as becoming immune to my last medication. The last two months have been rough as my glucose has played the yo-yo game from extreme highs to extreme lows. When I saw lows, I mean lows for me. When one is accustomed to running on a sugar level of 360—yes, you read that correctly—then getting it under semi-control in the 150 range, the problem is that 120 or lower seems like sugar shock and I become very ill. It's amazing how sugar is an innocent-looking poison.

It’s also extremely frustrating as a sensitive diabetic. All diabetics are different, however. Each person’s body reacts differently to various foods. Where one can eat apples, I can’t. Where I can eat strawberries, another diabetic cannot. Apparently I’m one who can’t have anything other than a few veggies and meat, period. Very, very frustrating and irritating to say the least. Now that I’m on a new medication, I’m feeling better, so I hope I can concentrate on school work and my writing, too. It’s frightening how much this disease affects the mind when glucose is too high or too low, very frightening indeed. Hell, I wrote a paper that I thought was horrible, remember very little of what I wrote, actually, because I felt so terrible I could barely function, then was quite shocked when I got a 95 on it.

So, here’s to praying that I can focus more on my writing. I have ideas and details in progress for The Werewolves of Rebellion book 4. This one will involve the character Puppy and two love interests. It will also investigate a new motorcycle slant that I’m looking forward to doing.

In the meantime, I’m revising an unpublished novel I wrote 12 years ago and quite surprised at how good it is, lol. Once it’s done I’ll send it off to my agent, possibly in the next couple of days. Additionally, I have the basis for the plot of a brand new novel for a brand new genre I’ve never written seriously before. I’m excited about that, too. And lastly, I’m researching for a new MC club romance line that will be quite shocking, quite intense.

So dear readers, I hope you’ll investigate my other books and while you’re here, why not sign up to follow my blog posts? Here’s to escaping into a great book!

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