Saturday, April 29, 2017

Out of One’s Comfort Zone

Now that I’m done with college for the summer, I plan to concentrate on two things. One is the 4th
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Werewolves of Rebellion novel, but even more so is my new novel I hope to send to my agent before school starts again.

I’ve talked to several authors who say they don’t like to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to writing. One might insist he will never write anything other than horror. Another may insist she will write only paranormal romance…then I hear complaints about declining sales when the market shifts.

Publishing is a fickle business. Just as there are trends in movies, music, and fashion, there are trends in fiction.

Paranormal romance is fading. I’ve realized this, so I am now making a big change. I’m going out on a limb and writing something brand new.

The thing with me, as a writer, is that I’ve always rolled with the punches and changed things up over the years, so trying something new in fiction isn’t really new to me after all. Heck, I got my official start as a paid writer by writing for national men’s hubba-hubba magazines. I didn’t like writing such material, but it paid the bills as well as buying a mountain of school supplies and clothes for my kids. As time went on I left that market (free internet sites forced it to disappear) and moved into short fantasy fiction for a while. The internet pushed that market to dry up, too, so I shifted into penning erotic romance novels and from there into paranormal romance…

So what is this new endeavor? Sorry, (grins sheepishly), I never announce what I’m writing unless it’s a series in progress like The Werewolves of Rebellion. This new novel, however, is a genre and a theme that I’ve never ever considered before. But you know what? I’m looking forward to writing it, exited actually. It’s new. It’s a challenge. It’s going to be so damn hot readers will have to keep a fire extinguisher in their laps while they read.

{rubs hands together} Now to get started on it. Free! Free for an entire summer! Mwahaha!

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Happy reading!

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