Saturday, April 1, 2017

Persephone's Beastly Lover

Book three now available!

Persephone Jones is part of a paranormal investigation team out of Detroit. She manages all the information the team gathers on cases, but everyone suspects there’s more to Seph than she’s letting on—she’s a medium, a powerful one. When the team is called by Jack Henessy, a member of the Werewolves of Rebellion MC, to investigate disturbances in his new home, Seph and Jack are possessed by the entities and inadvertently participate in a kiss that rocks them both with its intensity and sets them on an intertwined path.

Jack finds that he will do anything to protect Seph, anything to claim her. However, he’s uncertain if she feels the same way about him. Seph’s past is shrouded, even from her, and she’s hiding something buried so deeply that it takes an explosive night of sex to unlock the secret. However, someone has a bone to pick with Jack. A stalker targets him, then goes after Seph. Between bags of weed planted in his home and a shooter taking pot shots at him, Jack must learn who has a vendetta against him and why. When Seph is nearly killed by a few Wraithkillers, it plunges the Werewolves of Rebellion into the path of the most unexpected culprit of all.

It will take Seph’s mysterious past and the kindness of an abused spirit to save Jack and his MC family. Once Seph’s true identity is revealed, there’s no turning back.

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