Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The WHAM! of Ideas

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I’m often asked—as I guess most authors are—where I get my ideas for novels. Some come to me during times when my brain goes into reboot mode, lol. I juggle a lot of things. I have a big, big family. I care for elderly parents, still have a young son at home, wrangle grandbabies, deal with a hubby, go to college full time, and I struggle with Diabetes that will not level out. As a result, exhaustion sets in like clockwork at 4 pm every day. That’s when I get this odd sensation in my mind that I call white noise and, strangely enough, that’s when ideas for plots hit me out of the blue. Often it’s when I lie down for a catnap and I’m right on the edge of a deep, bone-melting nap and—WHAM!—the new idea rouses me and I’m up and rushing off the bed or recliner for something on which to write my new plot. I have little ideas jotted on the fridge, on pieces of paper, even wrote one on my hand once.

Other ideas come to me from two people. One is my hubby, who will not read any of my books to save his ass, but he’ll discuss them with me. Yeah, I know, it’s a contradiction so I try not to figure out what part of his testosterone causes his literature deficiency. He’ll sit and listen to me tell him about my ideas, then he’ll offer suggestions that really surprise me and gives me a lot of inspiration.

Sometimes ideas come to me from my favorite TV shows. I enjoy a lot of weird stuff from The Strain to Mr. Mercedes, so when I watch such programs, it gets my mental cogs to whirring. When I take these little fits of inspiration and start writing, the hubby swears he sees steam coming out of my ears. He doesn’t say it with humor, either—he’s serious. LOL

As for my latest release, Dreams of Absinthe, the way the novel came about is a rather odd story in itself. It began as a short story for a challenge I read about online. Then it turned into a novella, then three novellas, then finally I just decided to combine the novellas into one novel and develop the entire thing a bit more. Dark humor is part of my DNA, so it fit well into this book. I love a good scare, too, and have a blast whenever I write horror. In Dreams of Absinthe the original sole hero transformed into two heroes where life and the Crimson Bane keep them apart. The MM romance combined with an old fiancée, a woman who…well, let’s just say she’s pretty intense. I think Godzilla would think twice before wrangling with her. This one is a story about two worlds with different races that come together and work as one to defeat evil (something that plays well into what’s happening today), and the two heroes go through pure hell to find each other again.

So what else is on the horizon for an Ana Lee Kennedy book? Before you know it, the Holiday Season will be here. A Christmas novel, perhaps? Hint! Hint! 

I hope you’ll investigate my books, discover a few to snatch up and read from cover to cover and, in doing so, escape into another world leaving your worries behind for a while. Happy reading!

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