Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New Idea, New Manuscript, & Even More Ideas

I posted a few days ago on my Facebook about how I was looking for info on prostitution that wasn't glamorized because I'm doing research for a new novel. After some lengthy searching on Amazon, I did find two books. One by a woman who lived the life for 7 years & another that deals with a few women who share their experiences in prostitution. Lemme tell ya, the one by Rachel Moran called Paid For is already an eye-opener, and I've been voraciously reading it since it arrived because it's heart-wrenching, fascinating, enlightening, & shocking all in one. Also, the author's writing style is beautiful. As I read this book, I'm composing notes for my new novel. I've already changed so many previous ideas about my main character for fact-based ones. Although I'm already writing on this manuscript, I'm taking it slowly. This one is going to be very special, something for women to give them hope & strength. This non-fiction book is just...wow.
So what is the new novel about and what is it called? So far, the title hasn't come to me. Usually it's a phrase out of the prose that hits home, summing up the novel. However, I'm working on the first chapter, so that "ah-ha!" moment hasn't arrived for the title yet. As for what it's about...let's just say my heroine steps up in a way no other person, to my knowledge, has ever done. This isn't romance. It's women's fiction with a little spookiness. Not a lot, just a little. 😉

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