Friday, October 19, 2018

Devil in the Flesh - Cover Reveal and Blurb

The game plan is for Luna Moonstone's 2nd story to come out in early December. Here is the link to book 1 and here is the cover reveal as well as the rough blurb.

The mission was simple: go to Earth, find out who is behind flesh trafficking, notify Universal Alliances, then wait for backup to move in and make the necessary arrests. However, a month into the investigation Luna Moonstone has very little to build her case on let alone any information to lead her to her lover, Crater Bob. Frustrating her further is Crack, her UA partner, whose possessiveness is suffocating her. To relieve some frustration and appease her carnal nature, Luna takes on Powers Matthias, a new sexy playmate, but she discovers she’s in a crazy situation that makes the dangerous trafficking case seem dull.

As she searches for Crater Bob and delves deeper into the UA case, Luna discovers more half Lustonians, or fifty-fifties as they’re known throughout the galaxies, like herself are on Earth. To complicate life, she wakes up one morning to find she’s different—physically changed—so how will Crater Bob ever recognize her now? Dubbed a devil in the flesh, Luna finds solace in that she’s not the only one with insatiable sexual desires. As she gleans information about her mystical heritage, she also finds tiny clues pointing toward a new race infiltrating Earth’s galaxy, a race that has everyone running scared. When Luna’s half-Lustonian friends start vanishing, Crack, and her assistant, Pet, help Luna track them down finally piecing all the evidence together, which leads straight back to the new aliens. Once the entire case blows wide open, Luna realizes she and the other fifty-fifties were the quarry the entire time.

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