Saturday, May 18, 2019

RED - New Release!

Available as ebook and a lovely, thin print version!

Get your e-book version for just 99 cents! This sale will only last a few days then the price will go up a bit. Caution: forced seduction.

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Damnation is a redheaded woman.

When erotic visions claim Joshua at unexpected times, he begins to question his sanity. As he leaves work one day, he’s menaced by a terrifying vagrant. He’s saved by Rowena, a mysterious and stunning redhead who seems to be able to read his mind and sense his most intimate desires. Once she invites him to dinner, Joshua is plunged into a strange world of sex, bizarre creatures, and an earthbound magical race.

Seduction comes in many forms, but with Rowena it means more than sex. Joshua is, as they say, merely a mort, a common human, but if Rowena commands it, he will die for her. However, he soon learns he’s made a grave mistake. Rowena is using him as a tool of destruction against the Tylweth Teg, a magical being who can bring about Rowena’s downfall. She insists that Joshua has the power of the Tylwyth Teg and she wants it back, but he has no clue what the Tylwyth Teg is or where to find it, especially when magic can take any form. Once he realizes he has fallen for Rowena’s damning charms, it’s too late, and he is forced into a realm where few mortals have traveled and even less have returned. His only hope is the Tylwyth Teg, but who or what is it and will it be able to save him from damnation?

“Uh...” Joshua’s tongue seemed glued to the roof of his mouth. What should he say? He was drawn and yet repelled, wary.
The cab rolled to a stop in front of a brick apartment building.
Rowena offered him a Cheshire cat smile. “My place at eight o’clock sharp.”
“Nineteen seventy-two East Mulberry Street,” the cabbie announced.
Fumbling with the door handle, Joshua finally managed to open it and practically fell out of the cab and into the street. He slammed the door and hurried around the trunk to the sidewalk.
The window on Rowena’s side rolled down a couple of inches.
“Wear something smart,” drifted out of it.
The cab pulled away from the curb.
“Fuck you,” Joshua whispered. He bounded up the apartment building’s steps three at a time.
Already soaked to the bone, Joshua grimaced at the rain beating down on his head and shoulders. It dripped into his eyes, and he wiped it away in annoyance. Mrs. Buttface would probably give him hell over the water in the foyer, but it couldn’t be helped. He stepped inside and paused on the entryway rug so the worst of the water could slough off him instead of dripping across the building’s newly laid carpet. Dialogue from Mrs. Buttface’s television bombarded the foyer. Joshua identified the show as The Young and the Restless; the woman planned her life around the Soap Opera Channel’s programming. He glanced over at her apartment door. He really shouldn’t call her Mrs. Buttface, always experiencing a tiny stab of guilt whenever he referred to her as such, whether in mind or muttered under his breath, but the woman’s mouth looked exactly like a puckered asshole. Not only that, she possessed the disposition of a pissed-off Chihuahua that had eaten some bad Chinese takeout. Her real name, Geraldine Topinsky, adorned a wooden plaque affixed to her apartment door with the words BUILDING MANAGER stenciled beneath it.
He stood there with bated breath, hoping like mad the woman didn’t hear or sense him standing outside her door. A conversation on the TV program reached him. A man invited a woman to dinner. Rowena’s invitation rattled through his brain again. Even if he had intentions of joining her for a meal, which he didn’t, how the hell was he supposed to know where the woman lived? Rowena had neglected to give him her address.
And how had she’d known what he’d been thinking in the cab?
Or was it truly coincidence? That freaky vagrant had certainly put the fear of God into him. Maybe he was just overthinking the entire situation.

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