Sunday, July 28, 2019

New Cozy Mystery Series

FaiBana Books Presents will release my novel A Knock in the Darkness, book 1 of the Lilac Lake Cozy Mysteries this year. It should be available for Christmas. Providing there are no hiccups, that is. I'll share snippets of the novel on social media once I revise it a couple times. Cover reveal will be October-ish. I'm excited to introduce readers to Reece Donelly, my heroine, aka the Finder, and the whole host of unique characters who live in the apartments of Lilac Lake Estates as well as the homes surrounding the lake. Lilac Lake and its neighboring Monroetown are loosely based on my hometown of Woodsfield. I say loosely, allowing for author creativity.
And that skull reminds me that I need to go back into the tunnel and add the skeleton, lol.
I should have followed my instincts years ago and started writing cozies instead of erotic romance. I am so excited about this genre and can't express enough how much fun I've had writing this first cozy. Watch my Facebook page, my Twitter ( & my Instagram (faithbicknell) for news and updates on this new series. Visit all my titles here

Friday, July 12, 2019

An Escape, Support, & Building Minds

Something got me to thinking this morning (yeah, I heard metal screeching too, lol). As a result, here's a short informational rant.

Read books. It's a safe, fun way to ESCAPE the stress of this world. Whether ebooks, kindle books or paperbacks, reading is actually GOOD for you & strengthens your mind/brain. Those who are not writers don't understand how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into wri
ting. It's not just a matter of sitting down, pounding a story out on a keyboard, then announcing "See? I wrote a book!" It's plotting. It's research. It's countless hours of revisions, checking for typos, making sure grammar is correct, rereading to make sure the timeline for Monica isn't at the 7/11 AND the church at the same time (If you're not doing all this, you should be!). And even then the work isn't done. If a manuscript is accepted somewhere there are usually several rounds of edits with an editor, reading contracts to make sure it's legit, not to mention the promotion before AND after the book is released. And if the author self-publishes, there's all the added work of finding a cover artist or making the cover yourself if you're able, the expense of finding an editor and cover artist, checking the book seller's contract, etc.

Never dis an author or h/her work. It's a job just like any other except that we have the privilege of enjoying what we do. Support authors and their work and review their books if you enjoy what you've read. Tell your fellow readers to go BUY such and such author's work, but DO NOT pass the ebook around because that rips the author off. Writers work hard at their craft. Support reading and the written word. Build the mind into something beautiful and escape the upset and chaos of this reality by stepping into another world for a while. and my recent release under my Faith Bicknell name

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Woodsfield, Ohio: I'm Writing What I Know!

I’ve always wanted to write cozy mysteries, so that’s what I’ve been working on of late. I debated for some time whether or not to base the story in my home town of Woodsfield, Ohio. I do have a motorcycle club/paranormal romance trilogy set in Woodsfield called The Werewolves of Rebellion. Those of you who live in or around my home town will recognize landmarks, businesses, state routes, nearby communities, and more. So, as I was mulling over what to do, I eventually decided to go with that old writer motto of write ‘what you know’. As a result, my cozy mysteries are going to be set in Woodsfield, too, only in this series it will be called Monroetown since it sits in Monroe County, Ohio. Moreover, after researching Woodsfield’s history for a research paper during the past spring semester, I have a wealth of information to add to future novels.
There are added elements to this first novel that are not in the town of Woodsfield, so I’m taking creative liberties by adding businesses and making the town a bit larger than it actually is, but that’s one of the fun things about being a writer, plus the essence of my hometown is still intact. In the case of book one, the characters live on a huge property composed of lake houses and also an old, well-maintained apartment complex. I have had a blast breathing life into the characters who reside in this building! Now if only a series title and book title would come to me, lol.

I haven’t enjoyed writing a novel like this in a long, long time. Perhaps I’ve been writing the wrong genre for the last couple of years? Hmm, maybe.

If you’d like more information about The Werewolves of Rebellion also set in Woodsfield, click HERE or HERE to view the first book, which is the cover above. It’s pretty intense, so brace for impact, lol. And to check out my other titles, visit my author pages on Amazon HERE and HERE.