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Hello to all my regular and new readers!

First, for the new readers, a little information about who I am and my background in publishing. I’m an author of romance in many forms, especially paranormal plots, some YA, and I do like to write a solid horror story from time to time just to scare the hell out of myself. Additionally, I've published a nonfiction book for writers. Right now, I write under only two pen names: F.L. Bicknell and Ana Lee Kennedy.
I’ve literally been writing since I was seven years old, but I’ve been writing professionally for thirty years a professional editor for about half as many years, working for numerous private clients as well as five different publishers such as Wild Child Publishing/Freya’s Bower and Totally Entwined Group. For about seven years, I managed a writer’s group where I taught grammar, punctuation, and creative writing.
I'm looking for new literary representation right now. I have publications in many different areas such as The Ohio Writer to national men’s magazines, including Penthouse Variations, to small online publications both in the U.S., Canada, and even Turkey. There are many books and novellas under my publishing belt as well and written under many pen names over the years (many of these books are on the backlist page). Currently most of my fictional material is written under the name Ana Lee Kennedy.
On a more personal note, I've raised nine children, four of whom are my birth children, I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's degree  in history and thinking about possibly going for my masters too. I'm dreaming of moving into a new home and traveling to Scotland and Ireland, but in the meantime, I enjoy my youngest Einstein-y son still at home and my three beautiful and hilarious grandbabies. Oh, and must not forget my furry kids at home—Ace, an American Labrador, Radar, a bi-colored tubby tabby cat, and Ginger, a ginger-colored puppy (who is 6 months old as I type this) that is American boxer and bulldog.

The purpose of this website is to present my work to readers, but also to share knowledge about writing and publishing.
My posts are candid. If honesty offends you, if offbeat humor bothers you, this is not the site for you. I love chatting with readers, so feel free to leave comments on posts too.
My disclaimer: Everything published on this website is my property. Please do not use the covers from my site since this is expressly forbidden for contractual reasons. Anything else such as a quote, etc., please do not copy/use without first asking for permission.
If you’d like to contact me, email here. However, I do not review books unless it's special circumstances.

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